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Having worked in large advertising agencies and for brands such as Apple, Google, and YouTube, Katie is a strategic, creative, and analytical marketer with over 20 years of experience in integrated marketing, brand strategy, product marketing, and advertising.

Enthusiastic team leader with both global and regional experience that thrives to creatively solve complex business problems with a proven track record of success.




Fractional CMO • Brand Strategy & Architecture • Research & Insights • Strategic Brief Development • Integrated Brand Campaign Development & Execution • New Product Launches • Cross-Functional Leadership • Rebrand • Campaign Design and Execution • Website Design • Project Management


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"Katie is a very sharp and talented business person. She has great creative instincts, a keen strategic mind and an intense dedication and drive to roll up her sleeves and do the hard work - all of the trappings that make for an exceptionally well-rounded marketer. We met when she was my client at Google Cloud and we very quickly forged a strong partnership that I value greatly. I highly recommend Katie and look forward to the day when we have the opportunity to collaborate again." 

Amy Krieg

Brand Director


"I had the privilege to work with Katie and the brand team at Google Cloud on the front end of our recent customer campaign. I appreciated the way she worked with my team to dig deep into our core value proposition and customer insights. In addition to her strategic thinking skills, Katie also worked alongside my Customer Programs team to manage a network of complex customer relationships. She is an excellent listener and collaborator -- enabling her to navigate a myriad of stakeholders to deliver a strong and creative campaign in market."

Carol Carpenter

Chief Marketing Officer


"Katie is a super smart and strategic brand marketer who has strong creative instincts and knows what it takes to develop great work. She has an impressive ability to challenge the status quo, push the team to think bigger and has helped elevate the team's work. Katie is also a great collaborator and works very well cross-functionally across any part of the business."

Waleed Elgindy

Head of Brand Marketing


"Katie is a born people leader and brand champion. She is one of the sharpest and motivated brand managers I have encountered in my 15+ career in marketing and brand management. She is strategic, precise, and creative - always thinking of the next step. We worked collaboratively on a NASA FDL / Intel / Google partnership, and I had the opportunity to witness her diplomatic skills at work as well as her excellent people management skills. In addition, she did a phenomenal job of leading the development of Google Cloud's first ever brand campaign brief. Outside of Google, Katie has proven to be an incredible business coach and guide - guiding the development and launch of my design business's website I highly recommend Katie and would be honored to work with her again."

Christina Thelin

Visionary Marketing Leader

Founder of High Vibe Havens

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